Perhaps you're just starting to design your concept, or perhaps you've built out an initial MVP and have successfully fundraised, either way you need support. 

Building a SAAS company requires a talented multi-disciplinary to work together harmoniously like an orchestra conducting a symphony. Unfortunately, the culture of "fail fast and break things" makes it hard to NOT to accumulate technical debt, have a clutter of services and systems all operating out of sync, and a team that lacks clarity on the next best steps for the company. Don't worry, all is not lost.

Truth be told you need a COO for hire.

You are wearing too many hats in your business, or have delegated too quickly without having a system to act as checks and balances.

It seems to work fine now. But it could all come crumbling down. 

I offer the following services to help you avoid this possibility:



How many processes in your company are INEFFECTIVE & INEFFICIENT

Most companies fly by the seat of their pants, breaking things and fixing them again before anyone even notices. But a great CEO will be tormented by this way of operating. You should hope to eliminate wasted efforts if you are to scale. 

We can conduct a systems assessment to identify and document the tools and processes on which your company runs. From there your team can improve upon the systems until your company operates like a well-oiled machine. 


OrgaNiZational Capacity

When you got started YOU were the team. Now as you grow you need to leverage your systems and your team to build the organizational capacity so that you can scale to the degree that you desire. But you can't delegate too soon or too fast.

A COO can help you identify holes in your organizational structure and identify the next systems and hires to put in place to overcome the next hurdle. As you begin to trust your team to handle day-to-day operations you can begin to innovate. 

Perhaps to add more products and services, or expand into other regions, or to grow your personal brand as a speaker and thought leader. The opportunities are endless


What does it mean to be CEO? How can you lead your team by example even as your responsibilities take you out of the day-to-day of the business? 

These are great questions to ask as you continue to grow your company.

Remember you are the architect of your company. Your vision is it's heart and soul, and without your guidance the whole thing will fall apart. 

It is now time to lead. To unite your team under a singular mission.

How you do so will determine you company culture for years to come, and ultimately how far you will go. Will you rise to the challenge or will you merely react?


If any of this interests you please email me directly,

I'm sure my team and I can help you systemize your startup with ease.