Healing for 

The High-Achiever

A Community Build On Kindness ...

Sometimes the challenge is that others do not see your suffering behind all the markers of success that you've careful cultivated

This group is a resource for high-achievers and performers who want to be in a community with like-minded individuals that are struggling with issues that stem from the very same traits they have leaned on to achieve success. But at what cost? Perfectionism, control issues, imposter syndrome, and other ways of not “feeling enough” can drive someone to succeed but also lead ironically to low self-esteem, poor health, difficult relationships, and much much more …  


Not everyone in this group will have experienced trauma, most may just want to be better partners and parents, or have a better relationship to themselves. 


Together we will define what success means to us such that we can live happier, healthier lives in the present rather than obsessing about the past or delaying satisfaction to some imaginary future moment in time, or once an arbitrary goal has been achieved.


When You Join The Community ...

you will get access to the following resources

Keep in mind this program is currently in BETA and founding members will be expected to contribute to the culture and help brainstorm offers made in this community ... 

What Plans Do We Offer?

There is only one option for joining the Healing The High-Achiever community at this time: Founding Members will receive a lifetime discount of 60% ...




For a limited-time we are offering a 60% discount to Founding Members, who will help inspire and create the community culture. 

​"I wish a community like this had been around for me when I graduated from college. It would have saved me quite a bit of heartache to know I wasn't alone ..."