When you’ve set your goals and progress stalls

I’ll be honest with you my clients drive me crazy.

Most of them come to me with very concrete goals: they want to stop working 70 hour weeks and get back to spending quality time with their families, they want to stop being exhausted and worn down juggling too many responsibilities, and of course they want to earn more money.

So, they show up eager to get to the “good part.” After all, I promise results.

They think that means,

>>> Ramping up sales.

>>> Implementing systems

And then nothing happens and progress stalls …

Now this doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the process.

Just that it takes commitment – especially to the parts you want to skip over – and they forget that in order to cure the symptom (plateauing … and endless work days) they need to solve the root cause.

Just like doing simple exercises over and over again if you want to see any results in the gym.

Or how I book is written first word by word until the pages add up to a complete manuscript.

It’s so easy when you start a journey to want to skip the end result. But have patience.

The first step to mastery are the fundamentals.

And, fair warning, the fundamentals can seem boring.

If you have hit a plateau are are seeking to scale, like 99% of the clients I work with, I guarantee that you need some time management.

Of all the skills related to business, why time management?

It all comes down to the question, will you do what you say you’ll do?

If you’ve never, ever, had this issue ( you’re not lying just to get off the hook) then stop reading.

But if you are ready to be host with yourself keeping going.


We all have a million excuses why we don’t do what we say will do.

“I don’t have the time ’cause I’m busy trying to close some prospects”

“There are things only I can do so I’m just so busy all the time”


For anything other than a family emergency you need to reassess. I promise, you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Ramit Sethi says, “Show me someone’s calendar and their spending, and I’ll show you their priorities”

And this simple observation rings with so much truth. 

If you keep missing your children’s sports games or auditions, then maybe family isn’t the priority you say it is. 

If you always say you want to work out but never schedule in time to go to the gym, you’re just lying to yourself.

And these lies start to add up. Over time you create a self-image incongruent with how you show up.

So, time management is less about tracking your hours as it is about committing to your values.

And the results speak for themselves. Those who show up consistently win.

Everyone else is relying on chance. 


I want you to stop using excuses to justify your lack of progress.

Or blame your limitations on not having the same resources as others.

We all have the same hours in the day, so, why aren’t you achieving your goals?

Set your intentions and master your time.

And if that’s a challenge, seek out somebody can hold you accountable.

If it will help, schedule a mini-session with me.

After all you should not leave your life or your business to chance.