Hello! My name is Kachina Gosselin

I am committed to helping founders build businesses that let them live the life of their dreams, knowing that life will throw hurdles our way and that high-achievers are often at risk for burn out. You can check out my one-on-one services below or message me directly. 

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Originally I had no plans to become an entrepreneur, however, after studying aeronautics and astronautics at MIT I found myself in a dilemma. I came to the realization that I had pursued an academic path, not on my interest but in a vain attempt to please others. While I loved engineering in my studies I had no desire to work in the industry, and thus graduated with an expensive degree that, like so many others, I had no intention of using ...


This realization came as a shock to me and I had to quickly pivot. 


Entrepreneurship appealed to my desire for autonomy, creativity, and my core value: freedom


But I knew at the very start that the road would be long and difficult. As someone who had grown up in poverty, in a broken family, I had no role models who could help me succeed with my new vision. I had hardly any guidance when I first arrived at MIT - young, naive and terrified that I was would be found a fraud.  

High-Achiever SyndromeTM 

Here are just some of the characteristics that Dr. Donna Marino has identified as High-Achiever Syndrome

  • Your worth is tied to your accomplishments.
  • Unless you are achieving, you tend not to feel good.
  • You always need to be doing something. Sitting still is excruciating.
  • You’re a perfectionist (nothing is every good enough).
  • You have to be the best at everything you do, even your hobbies.
  • You can be endlessly competitive (even when playing board games with your kids).
  • You not only have high expectations of yourself, but of others too.
  • You have a harsh inner critic (what’s wrong with me, why’d I make that mistake, you’re an idiot).
  • You’ve gone after accomplishments (promotions, public office, student government, sports, etc…).you may not have even have wanted just for the status, prestige, or proving to yourself that you could win.
  • You’re constantly striving, or have what I call “what’s next” syndrome, that keeps you from savoring and celebrating your accomplishments before moving on to tackle the next one. Sometimes you even forget past accomplishments because you are so focused on what comes next.
  • You may even be addicted to the adrenaline rush of achieving, succeeding, and hustling.

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If you relate to my story you can join either my creative group, Extract. Leverage. Scale. Community. Or my exclusive community, Healing for the High Achiever, for those looking to heal themselves and live a life of peace and happiness while simultaneously pursuing their ambitions. 

Does this resonate with you?

I wish that I had found a community that would have helped me heal as a high-achiever struggling to appear as if I always had it figured out when, surprise, that simply wasn't the case. Many high-achievers struggle in private. If this is you don't hesitate to reach out and join our exclusive community!

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