Hi, I'm Kachina Gosselin

I want to teach you to put systems and strategies in place so that you can scale your business to six-figures and beyond WITHOUT sacrificing what matters most to you: your health, relationships and wellbeing.



ABOUT Kachina

An MIT aerospace engineer turned CEO - I help coaches, consultants, and service providers create systems so they can scale to 7-figures without burning out

Maybe you are…

  • Burnt out trying to grow your business, and know that you are the limiting factor in your own success. You KNOW you need to systemize

  • Constantly “putting out fires” instead of trusting your business to run itself and focusing on the ONE thing necessary to accomplish your vision 

  • Working outside your “zone of genius” and spending time on low level, energy and time-consuming tasks when you are NOT the one for the job

  • Freeing up time in your work day only to succumb to “workaholism” the moment you feel a sense of scarcity - missing out on what matters most

  • Neglecting your health, wellness, time with family and friends for career milestones that no longer resonate but you aren't willing to give up on

Your business should be freeing up your time and giving you a sense of security and stability for you and your family. I can help you discover the tools and systems that make your business work for you, so that you can focus on what matters most in life, while focusing on your long-game legacy.

Are you building your business at the expense of your health, relationships and overall happiness?

Where are you in your founders journey?

Adding more systems won't serve you unless you know where you are in the Founders Path.

The wrong systems can add complication and create distraction where one needs clarity & focus. A quick way to assess the quality of your systems is through the income you generate with the time you have available. We all have the same 24 hours in the day ...

Why then do some people seem to get so much more out of it?

Because they have better systems.

Determine what system you want to build and get in touch so you don't get stuck operating at a lower-level.


Launch Systems

<<$200K Revenue

Learn to launch a business that can give you freedom & financial security. We can ensure your business is built to scale.


Systemize To Scale

$200K To $500K Scale

Tired of working on your own? You may not be ready for a full team but it's time to stop doing it all yourself.


The Systemized CEO

$500K To Millionaire

You have grand visions for your business and you won't let it be limited by your mindset. It's time to SYSTEMIZE